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Helping you improve relationships, reputation and results

Helping you improve relationships, reputation and results

Helping you advance the conversation

Organisations today face greater scrutiny and challenges than ever before. We've seen the rise of Fake News, the echo chamber of social media, NGOs operating with more power and aggression, as well as the rise of the 'Citizen Journalist.' To be effective communications must consistently demonstrate the value of your actions, rather than sugar coating, deceiving or greenwashing.

At Sermelo, we use the power of communications to help you improve relationships, reputation and results with relevant and compelling content and audience engagement.



Our Services

Public Relations

Public Relations is about securing third party endorsement that will continuously demonstrate the value of your business to all of those stakeholders that matter to you.

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Training & Executive Coaching

The complex influencer landscape of today requires you to be constantly participating in conversations about your business. We add value by looking at how improved communications can encourage stakeholder engagement at every level of your business.

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Crisis Management & Simulation

The digital world has transformed how organisations must respond to a specific issue. Empathy, speed and consistency are fundamental to crisis management. Is your organisation ready?

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Employee Engagement

Putting the customer first is the rallying cry of many organisations, but this is only possible if employees are motivated to be true ambassadors of their brand.

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Public Affairs

Important stakeholders, such as politicians, civil servants, trade associations and NGOs, can all have a significant impact on your organisation.

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Our News

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Please mind the "communications" gap

Aligned communications could help British railways succeed.

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How to react to a crisis that isn’t yours

How did companies react to Thomas Cook's collapse?

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