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Helping you navigate the big issues

Helping you navigate the big issues

News & Insights tagged ‘Corporate Affairs’

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Three-month internship opportunity in Communications and Corporate Affairs

Are you a bright, adaptable, ambitious and conscientious graduate looking for an entry-level role in content development and corporate affairs?

Read more Posted by Jonathan Jordan
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GDPR: Communicators beware! The grace period is over

The hefty data breach fines imposed on British Airways and Marriott send a clear message: comply with GDPR or pay the price. Comms teams must be ready.

Read more Posted by Gillian Edwards
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PR 2017: Part 2 - The Solutions of Tomorrow

In Part 2 of his look at the modern PR industry, Alex examines how individual practitioners can help the industry to evolve and embrace technology to leverage more consistent success in Public Relations.

Read more Posted by Alex Cook
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Sermelo Six

This week we've seen some art, eaten some Thai food and followed some big news stories.

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Are strong brands harder to fell?

We examine the relationship between brands and reputation.

Read more Posted by Bhakti Gajjar