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Helping you navigate the big issues

Helping you navigate the big issues

News & Insights tagged ‘Strategic Communications’

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In conversation with Jonathan Jordan and Robert Blood

Sermelo Consultant Alex Cook is excited to ‘play the journalist’ and sit down with Jonathan Jordan, Senior Partner at Sermelo and Robert Blood, Managing Director of SIGWATCH to obtain their insights into the 2018 business climate.

Read more Posted by Alex Cook
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‘Content PR’ - what does it mean for the PR industry?

It is more critical today, than ever before, for public relations professionals to deliver the right messages to the right audiences

Read more Posted by Daniella Cottew | 1 comment
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Companies need to put data at the heart of all communications strategies

Data has always been important in communications, but it has never been more critical than it is now.

Read more Posted by Sara Benwell
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The importance of business agility

In today's business environment, a greater emphasis must be placed on customers.

Read more Posted by Tom Clive
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London 2012: a victory in strategic communications

As a city, London has shown its capabilities in being able to defy stakeholders' expectations.

Read more Posted by Tom Clive