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Helping you navigate the big issues

Helping you navigate the big issues

News & Insights tagged ‘Media Relations’

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Pitching in a Saturated Market

Securing national coverage is no small task, and it is one made all the more difficult when you’re pitching ideas or products which have a number of direct competitors; to borrow a term from economics, you are effectively trying to sell goods in a market that has become saturated.

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How to do your own media relations on a budget

Imagine this scenario: you’re the founder of a small-headcount, high-growth startup.

You’ve tried using a freelancer to generate some media coverage about your exciting new product, but the results weren’t great.

You put an RFP out to tender with big agencies, but the costs quoted were beyond your budget.

Surely, there must be a better way..?

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PR 2017: Part 1 - The Problems of Today

In this two part blog post, Alex explores the state of the PR industry, where it requires improving and what are some of the potential solutions which will help it survive and thrive.

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Enough of the Hacks vs. Flacks

PR may have taken a bit of a kicking recently, but we should be building relationships rather than fighting about it on Twitter

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Being the best interviewee that you can be

Media training is crucial for good public relations.

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