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Communicating effectively in an immediate, transparent and globalised world is key to success

Public Relations

Embracing the Dialogue Age

People today get their information from a wider array of sources than ever before, thanks to both globalisation and the growth of digital communications. We understand that a strong digital presence is both a necessity and an opportunity.

The digital world is always hungry for content. We help you create a flow of compelling content that keeps the conversation with your stakeholders fresh and exciting. Starting by identifying your main intellectual selling points, we go on to help you develop strong clear messages which allow you to communicate these points to your key stakeholders. As a result, the content you produce will be relevant across both geographies and functions.

Making Good News Travel Faster

We all love a good scandal, but you want your positive news to travel faster and be more influential than any of your glitches. Keeping ahead of the times, we have built products which look at how different kinds of communication can be combined to create resonance, leading to an outcome greater than the sum of its parts. We use this structured approach to put together a long-term public relations strategy across the media channels that work for your business.

Public relations support we offer, includes:

  • Media Relations
  • Content Development
  • Digital and Social Communications
  • Speaking Opportunities and Awards
  • Analysis and Research

Case Study

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Public Relations

O-I is the world's leading glass packaging maker with over 24,000 employees worldwide that operate in 89 plants in 21 different countries worldwide.

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