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What’s the optimal talent equation?

During times of growth, businesses rely on a talented workforce more than ever before.

Read more Posted by Jonathan Jordan
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Enough of the Hacks vs. Flacks

PR may have taken a bit of a kicking recently, but we should be building relationships rather than fighting about it on Twitter

Read more Posted by Sara Benwell
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Exciting New Opportunity!

Sermelo is looking for a full time consultant

Read more Posted by Sara Benwell
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The European Election Results in a 1000 words...

What does the rise of anti-establishment parties mean for Europe?

Read more Posted by John Stanley
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‘Content PR’ - what does it mean for the PR industry?

It is more critical today, than ever before, for public relations professionals to deliver the right messages to the right audiences

Read more Posted by Daniella Cottew

Question Time

Employers using social media to hire found what percentage of improvement in candidate quality?

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