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In Times of Identity Crisis

"All the news that's fit to print." Or is it?

Read more Posted by Laura Petty
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Efficient crisis management in France and the UK

How cultural differences can affect crisis management: a closer look at France and the UK.

Read more Posted by Matej Jovanovic
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Welcome to the Second Machine Age – but what does it mean for business?

What impact will vast developments in technology have on businesses and the role of communication consultants?

Read more Posted by Tom Clive
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Sermelo appoints Laura Petty to Senior Consultant

Sermelo is pleased to welcome Laura Petty as the latest member of the team.

Read more Posted by Sermelo News
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Flexible working – does it really work?

Does it really benefit the employer and what impact does it have on co-workers?

Read more Posted by Daniella Cottew

Sermelo Surveys

Has the New York Times damaged its credibility by publishing misleading commentary?

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