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Can 2015 be the Year of Digital Innovation in Big Business?

Digital innovation should be top of the agenda for businesses this year. Maria Shopova outlines 4 ways in which businesses can remodel their digital strategies for 2015.

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Out and About: Issue of Data and the Royal Society of Arts

Some interesting insight into the recent events that Sermelo employees have been attending.

Read more Posted by Tom Clive
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New EU – new opportunity for Britain?

A viewpoint by Dr. Fiona Murray, CEO of Passerelle Public Affairs, a Sermelo partner, looking at what’s to come for Britain’s relations with the EU in 2015 and beyond.

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2015: The year for the Collaborative Economy?

Our founder, Jonathan Jordan, provides a review of 2014 and an insight into how a collaborative economy could be pivotal in 2015.

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Addressing the 'Confidence Gap'

How can businesses empower women to reach top level management positions?

Read more Posted by Harriet Garner

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What percentage of global commerce is e-commerce?

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