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Sermelo Six

19Feb Posted by Sermelo News

Quote of the week

"Change happens when those in power believe the change is in their interest."

So said Helena Morrissey CBE, CEO of Newton Investment Management and founder of the 30% Club, at the Cass Business School’s Dean Lecture on Wednesday night. She discussed the challenges she has faced in affecting change in order to achieve greater diversity within business.

Article of the week

The immovable object or the unstoppable force? Interesting comment comes from the Financial Times about the ongoing Apple/FBI fight. It isn’t clear who will win at this stage, but the damages are likely to be extensive.

Discovery of the week

Huge tanks of Pilsner await you at the entrance of Duck & Rice. Immediately, you know you're in for a treat. The Chinese pub concept works particularly well on Berwick Street in Soho. And don't be put off by the word 'pub' - the dim sum and small platters are fantastic, and affordable too.

This new-ish pub/bar/restaurant is likely to take London by storm.

Follow of the week

At Sermelo, we never switch off - even during our down time. Luckily for us, the hit US TV show Scandal marries the chaotic world of White House politics and reputation management. Its Instagram provides behind-the-scenes treats of upcoming episodes – even if we wanted to, we’d never switch this off.


Song of the week

In celebration of Leonardo DiCaprio’s win at the BAFTA’s last week in Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House, we thought this song was appropriate. Fingers crossed for the Oscar’s, Leo!

Photo the week

Taken from team member's Scott's recent travels to Mexico, this photo is from Oaxaca City. The municipality is famous for its world-class art scene, delicious cuisine, and the local mezcal drink which is made from cacti plants.


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