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Sermelo Six

13Nov Posted by Sermelo Features

Quote of the week

"I have enjoyed illustrating Mog again after so many years and am thrilled that this special Christmas story will help raise funds for Save the Children and the important work they do for children’s literacy."

Judith Kerr, creator of children's character Mog, explains her work on the very well-received Sainsbury's Christmas advert.

Article of the week

In Europe, diesel's share of the market is set to drop from 53.3% in 2014 to 51.5% in 2015, and continue sliding to 35% by 2020.

In light of the recent Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal - and tighter emissions regulations worldwide, traditionally-fuelled internal combustion engines are offering better fuel economy and lower emissions, without comparable loss of performance.

As we enter the ‘golden age of turbo’, diesel cars could face a severe backlash. This BBC article explores this further.

Song of the week

News that the UK is going to be hit by a series of storms has been a big focus this week, with the first - Storm Abigail - making landfall in Scotland yesterday.

Discovery of the week

The immensely popular burger restaurant MEATliqour has further expanded its empire, opening its doors to Angel's Upper Street. Situated in a reconverted garage, the place has an industrial feel with its unique anf delicious take on traditional fast food. Don't expect cutlery, plates or being able to walk out the same size you came in!

Twitter account of the week

As a resource for the latest thinking in innovation, the charity that supports just that is well worth a follow. Nesta showcases great ideas and provides much food for thought.


Photo of the week

After attending an event at The Wellcome Collection on climate change - with Jon Snow and David Blood - we snapped King's Cross station which was looking eerily beautiful.


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