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Sermelo Six

31Jul Posted by Sermelo News

Quote of the week

"People all over the world know of the power of Twitter, but it’s not clear why they should harness it themselves."

- Twitter's interim CEO, Jack Dorsey, speaking during the company's latest earnings announcement, which was promptly followed by a $2.75bn loss in its share value.

Article of the week

One Direction is one of the world's biggest brands, created by Syco.

In this article from Marketing Week, the company's new marketing director outlines how the label is planning on replicating this success - by looking at all of its artists as "brands that need to be built up."

Song of the week

To Shine is what we've been imploring the sun to do all week, and it looks like it's finally got the message (in London this morning, that is)...

Discovery of the week

A low-key, yet very authentic and delicious, Condesa is a Latin tapas bar. Located on Covent Garden's Maiden Lane, it serves a range of dishes designed for sharing - including cured meats, vegetables and breads - as well as beautifully crafted bocadillos, which are great for lunch.

Photo of the week

Our very own Caterina Serenelli celebrated a birthday this week. So, of course, that called for tea and birthday cake for all!

Tweeter of the week

BBC Future explores a hugely diverse range of topics - answering questions that you may or may not have ever considered. Case in point, here are some articles from this week:

How do you keep astronauts happy when they're floating 400km in space?

What makes bacon taste so good?

Why are our brains so good at spotting patterns in nature?



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