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Helping you navigate the big issues

Helping you navigate the big issues

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“May you live in interesting times”

The larger trends shaping today's business world.

Read more Posted by Maria Shopova
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Is football becoming more of a business than a sport?

In its quest to remain commercially viable, is football losing its core identity and connection with the fans.

Read more Posted by Tom Clive | 2 comments
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Everybody is talking about cookies, but what does it all actually mean?

The introduction of new privacy laws could have widescale implications for both advertisers and businesses.

Read more Posted by Sara Benwell | 1 comment
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Can the future of brands be about “never judging a book by its cover”?

Brands that define who we are as people could see a consumer backlash.

Read more Posted by Maria Shopova | 1 comment
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Missing the point?

CEOs must show they are open to change in our complex globalised environment.

Read more Posted by Jonathan Jordan

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