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Case Study: Eaton

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Eaton, a Fortune 200 power management company, needed to ensure that all bases were covered in the event of an issue with its operations.  With a broad and complex web of stakeholders and highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities, making sure that everyone knew what to do in case of a problem was an important challenge that required preparation and planning.


Sermelo worked with its partners to put together and run crisis simulations based on fictitious scenarios for the management teams of four Eaton plants across Europe. Making sure that all stakeholders were engaged, the simulation encompassed different Eaton employees, including HR, communications managers, and health and safety personnel at the plants.
To make the situation appear more realistic, Sermelo included regulators and key local stakeholders in the decision-making process and the team had to make decisions in real time.  As real world and online go hand in hand today, response readiness on Twitter, blogs and other social media was a vital part of the simulation along with TV, radio and newspapers.

Facts and Figures

  • Over 50 employees trained
  • To enhance its realism, the crisis simulation included inputs and commentary from over 30 distinct sources
  • Four simulations were completed in six months with additional simulations planned for 2012

“Realistic crisis simulations are vital in ensuring we are prepared for the unexpected; they also underline the importance of corporate responsibility and building strong community relations.“

Scott Trahan, Vice President Communications EMEA, Eaton