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Welcome to the July edition of The Conversation. In this issue, we outline the reputational challenges that transport and logistics companies face today, and explore what opportunities exist for them to build trust with key stakeholders.

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Welcome to the March edition of the Sermelo newsletter. In this issue, we are looking at how executives can lead their companies in an age of increased scrutiny and hyper-transparency.

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Welcome to the December issue of The Conversation where our Founder Jonathan Jordan takes a retrospective look at 2014, and ponders on some business predictions for 2015.

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Welcome to the October edition of the perspective, where Sermelo’s founder Jonathan Jordan reflects on the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum and why conviction matters.

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Welcome to our August edition exploring "the Perception Reality gap". You can also read about our latest news, what our clients are up to, and our expert views from Tony Byng Programme Director of Communications and Public Relations at the University of Leeds and Steph Croft-Simon, founder of NOM foods on what happens when the perception of an organisation become misaligned with the reality.

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